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  1. Application of Relaxation Training and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Case Presentation [Turkish]
    F. Elif Ergüney Okumuş, H. Özlem Sertel Berk, Başak Yücel,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.10756
    Published Online : Dec 30, 2018
    Case Report

  2. Diagnosis Profile and PTSD Comorbidity of Syrian Refugees Sample from Refugee Mental Health Branch Polyclinic [Turkish]
    Ersin Uygun,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.14283
    Published Online : Dec 16, 2018
    Original Research

  3. Psikoz Olgularına Tedavi Uyumuna Yönelik Bir Terapi Programı Uygulanması [Turkish]
    Ece Yazla, Mehmet Emrah Karadere, Halil İbrahim Ölçüm,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.9871
    Published Online : Dec 06, 2018
    Original Research

  4. Delayed Speech in Children as a Symptom; Socio-demographic Features and Accompanying Clinical Diagnosis [English]
    Damla Eyüboğlu, Murat Eyüboğlu,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.12824
    Published Online : Nov 22, 2018
    Original Research

  5. Initial Test of the Feasibility and Social Validity of a Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Intervention with Children with, or At-Risk for, Disabilities [English]
    Mickey Losinski, Sara A Sanders, Ashley J Shaw,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.2547
    Published Online : Nov 11, 2018
    Original Research

  6. Risk Factors and Comorbidity in Childhood Specific Phobias [English]
    Abdurrahman Cahid Orengul, Yavuz Meral, Vahdet Gormez
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.300844
    Published Online : Oct 15, 2018
    Original Research

  7. Turkish Version of Cognitive Behavioural Avoidance Scale: Psychometric Properties and Psychopathological Correlates [English]
    Selmin Erdi-Gök, Özden Yalçınkaya Alkar,
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.2296
    Published Online : Oct 03, 2018
    Original Research

  8. A Study on The Validity and Reliability of The Personality Belief Questionnaire-Short Form in Turkish Community Sample [Turkish]
    Yusuf BİLGE, Yıldız BİLGE
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.299864
    Published Online : Sep 09, 2018
    Original Research

  9. Evaluation of emotional expression, psychiatric symptoms, burnout, hopelessness and depression in relatives of substance dependent patients [Turkish]
    Güliz Şenormancı, Çetin Turan, Ömer Şenormancı, Rüstem Aşkın
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.296453
    Published Online : Aug 29, 2018
    Original Research

  10. Prospective Results from the PA (Personality and Activity) Project: Evaluating the Influence of the Transtheoretical Model on Physical Activity while Considering Personality Trait Characteristics [English]
    Chelsea Joyner, Paul D. Loprinzi
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/JCBPR.292481
    Published Online : Jul 11, 2018
    Original Research