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The Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies and Research (JCBPR) is a prestigious, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of research in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Established with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice in CBT, the journal serves as a vital resource for researchers, clinicians, and educators in the field of mental health.

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Volume: 13 Issue: 1 - 2024
1. Psychological Flexibility, Stigma, and Quality of Life in Psoriasis Patients
2. Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of the Belief About Losing Control Inventory: Testing the Measurement Invariance Across Gender
3. Antisocial Behavior Scale for Secondary School Students: Validity and Reliability Studies
4. Dysfunctional Attitudes Toward Motherhood That Predict Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy
5. The Relationship Between Childhood Traumas, Alexithymia, Perceived Social Support, and Internalized Stigma in Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder
6. Turkish Validity and Reliability Study of the Generalized Pliance Questionnaire
7. The Effects of Self-Criticism, Reward Sensitivity, and Experiential Avoidance on Emotional Eating
8. Review of Tolstoy’s The Devil in the Context of Cognitive Distortions with Document Analysis Method
9. School-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Interventions for Internet and Gaming Addiction in Adolescents: A Systematic Review
10. The Use and Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) as a Third-Wave CBT Method in Various Psychopathologies